Proper Packing Tricks for Moving

If you think about moving, you’ll know that it’s not only about relocating your belongings, but it’s also the art of packing and decluttering in the process. In case you still don’t know the tricks of mastering this art, below you can find professional advice from moving companies.
Pack early. First and foremost rule of efficient packing is to start this process as early as possible. The earlier you begin packing, the more mistakes you’ll be able to avoid and as a result the easier it will go. For DIY moves start packing at least a month before the moving due date. Should you be cooperating with a moving company, ensure to contact it a couple of months in advance to set the packing dates.
Start with the least needed rooms. If you begin packing everything at a time, you risk only making a huge mess all over the home and losing yourself in it. Follow the strict order of packing one room at a time. This is the easiest way to follow the process and ensure that everything important is packed. Don’t also begin packing things that you’ll be using up till the last day. Start from the garage or closets in order to pack least needed things first and far in advance to save time for more urgent tasks closer to the moving date.
Declutter. Remember that any mover will charge you based on the scope of your belongings, so the fewer boxes you have, the less money you spend. This brings us to the idea of throwing away, donating or even selling your old things. If in the process of packing you meet things you haven’t been using over the past year, then it’s the best sign to let them go.
Do not make too heavy boxes. And the final advice for packing from professionals is not to pack too much into one box. Most moving companies have a limit of 25-35 kilograms per box. This means that should your boxes get heavier, movers won’t handle them at all. In case you’re relocating yourself, still stick to this rule. It not only guarantees that you don’t make any harm to your legs and the back, but also the best warrant for your belongings safety. Too heavy boxes tend to break when loaded into the truck. As a result you might lose some of the precious items not even getting onto the road.

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