Hire a Mover in These 5 Steps

There is nothing extremely complicated or complex in hiring a reputable moving company for help in relocation. Yet there are important points that should never be neglected. Below you can find five most important steps in hiring a reliable mover.

Get Recommendations

One of the basic things to check of any service you are about to work with is recommendations. It is very rare that people would lie on purpose about their experience with a mover, so the more recommendations and references you can find about a company, the better picture of its quality you can receive. Listen to your nearest and dearest as well as to the strangers in the net.

Initial Screening

When you have already created a list of potential companies for cooperation, ensure that you perform initial screening before making any actual contact with them. Your goal is to check its contact information, including phone number and physical address, membership at any organizations, certifications and also complaints register if possible.


All professional moving companies provide in-house estimates. If the company offers you phone or online estimate, you can listen to it, but make no mistake of cooperating with it. Estimators must come to your home to see the whole scope of your move as well as working conditions for the crew to ensure that everything important is included into the offer and won’t be changed later on.

Review the Estimate

Before you sign the estimate provided by the moving company, read through it very carefully. You need to ensure that all discussed and required services are included, that no additional ones have been added, that you see all credentials and legal information of the company on the document and that there are no blank spaces that can be filled later on. Only after you fully accept the terms described in the estimate can and should you put your signature there.


Thought it’s the last thing on the list, it’s in fact one of the most vital points that you always need to check! Even on the stage of researching for moving companies in your region, ensure that you consider cooperation only with licensed companies. Moving license means that a company cares for its quality and reputation as well as professional development; for you as a customer it means that you’ll receive the best possible service.

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