9 Tips to Moving for Startup Manufacturing

Development of a new product can be sourcing and often is very challenging. You need not only find a place, but also relocate your current manufacturing and at the same time prepare all new prototypes, find workers, deal with suppliers, etc. And in most cases, you will have to do all that remotely.
Below you can find several hints that will help you relocate your manufacturing business on the example of a factory for oil industry.

1. Source ahead of time

To make your commercial move a success, make sure that you prepare everything in advance. You find your moving company, negotiate all details, get your current production process ready for relocation, talk to your stuff, etc.
Regardless of where you’re moving your manufacturing factory, the most important thing to begin is to find the new location. In a utopian world you would also find a knowledgeable local representative who will help you with such a search.

2. Send samples

In case you have purchased a working manufacturing factory you will have to send samples of your current production to ensure that by the time you get to the new place, your team is ready to get down to business. This will also give you an opportunity to calculate new expenses and write a business plan for the new factory.

3. Language

Very often businesses working with solutions for oil industry move to Arab countries simply due to the resources available there. In case this is just your case, be ready that a lot of people don’t speak English there. This means that you have two options: either to learn the language, or to find a reliable interpreter. The former would be more complicated for you, yet with the latter option be ready that your business secrets will be known to more people than just you and your partner.

4. Negotiate

Remember that everything is negotiable. When relocating you are likely to spend pretty a lot of money on the move itself, so try to negotiate prices at the new location to save a dime. Be ready that you will get higher costs for everything simply because you are not local, and even a foreigner if you are relocation outside of the country. Always negotiate and lower the price.

6. Build relationships

Remember the most important point about relocating your business to a new place or even new country. Everything in the world of economics is built on money and relationship. So once your manufacturing process of solutions for oil industry is moved to a new location, build strong and reliable relationship with local businesses and your partners. This will guarantee you problem-free pass into the world of business expansion in the local market.

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